Top 10 Swimming Pool Exercises



Ready to get out in your pool and exercise? No matter what type of swimming pool you have, you can get a great workout!

So whether you frequent above-ground pools or have your own in-ground pool at home, here are some of the best swimming pool exercises.

1. Just Swim

It might not seem unique or difficult, but swimming is a great exercise. You work your entire body and it’s a lot of fun. Don’t be afraid to just get in the water and swim.

2. Frog Kick

Work your legs by bending the knees and pulling them up to your chest. Then kick downwards and bring them back up.

3. Kick Drills

This one requires a flutter board, noodle or something similar. Grab the floatation device and extend your arms out in front of you. Tighten up your core and kick backward. Go the full length of the pool, then turn and go back.

4. Run in Place

Running underwater might seem strange, but it’s a great cardio workout. Stand where your chest is submerged in the water to do this so you can work your arms, shoulders and the rest of your body.

5. Crunches

Another land exercise you can do in an in-ground pool is crunches. When performed in the water, crunches are actually more difficult because you’re also pushing against the water. Float with your body extended out from the pool’s side. Put your knees up on the edge, then use your abs to lift up from the water.

6. Build Your Arm Muscles

If you have an inflatable ball, you can easily work your arms. Hold the ball out in front of you and push it under water. Once it’s submerged, move it in a figure-eight pattern, then release it. Repeat, but make sure you’re standing straight up and aren’t stressing your back or shoulders.

7. Water Jumping Jacks

Underwater jumping jacks require a lot of energy, and they’re much more difficult than when performed on land. The water provides resistance for your body to work against, making them more effective than when out of the water. The water also provides buoyancy, which can help to relieve pressure from your joints, making this a much easier exercise on your joints.

8. Climb the Pool Wall

Stand by the pool wall with your arms out to help with stability. Now run up the side as high as you can. Change the leading leg and repeat.

9. Balance on One Leg

You’ll get a really good core workout by standing on one leg and kicking the other one out to the side. Raise it as high as you can and hold it for a minute, then switch legs and repeat.

10. The Flutter Kick

Extend your legs back behind you and kick your feet up and down. This is another pretty simple exercise that actually works a lot of muscles, including your transverse abdominals.

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