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Combine fun and fitness into the same area. Jacuzzi Swim Spas Spas has four specialized swim spa models for you to choose from. Each has its own special set of features that can help maximize your outdoor spa experience. Not only are these swim spas built to last a lifetime, but they also offer a great way to get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. These models are fully-equipped with a Lucite shell, exercise equipment geared towards resistance training, and a powerful purification system. Regardless if you’re looking to exercise, stretch, row, or relax, these swim spas are fit for the job.

This line of swim spas provides you with your own underwater gym. They include a swim lane that can help guide you in the water as you swim, walk or jog against the powerful jet stream. They also feature modern rowing kits, complete with resistance bands and rowing bars. Combined with the resistance that the water provides, and you have the perfect water workout at your fingertips!

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Jacuzzi Swim Spas are part spa, part pool. They can provide you with all of the benefits you’d get out of a spa, but they’re large enough for you to swim around like you would in a pool. This means you can exercise while also taking advantage of the hot water and the massage features of your hot tub.

Swim spas are typically rectangular in shape rather than square or circular. Rather than simply sitting in the spa and relaxing, you’re able to move around. You can swim, do water aerobics, and even add a rowing kit or other accessory to the swim spa. In short, you’re able to do a complete workout in your very own Jacuzzi Swim Spa, all while enjoying how the warm water relaxes you. Once you’ve finished exercising, simply move over to one of the seats in the swim spa and enjoy a massage from the powerful jets.

Jacuzzi Swim Spa products include everything you’ll ever need from a swim spa, though each model differs a little. The Pro Series Dual Temp swim spa, for example, is 19 feet long and offers you a large space to exercise. One of their smaller models, the Utopia Cay, is only about ten feet long. You may not be able to really swim laps in it, but there’s certainly enough space to get a great water workout.

Naturally, their size does mean that you will need more space than you would with a simple spa, plus you’ll need to invest in more hot tub chemicals and cleaners. However, it’s well worth it for everything that a Jacuzzi Swim Spa offers.

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