Steps to Closing Your Swimming Pool



With winter approaching, it’s time to close your pool for the season.

Winterizing your pool is no small task, but with our helpful tips, you will have your pool protected in no time from the frigid temperatures that come with winter in Minnesota. Read on to learn the step-by-step process of winterizing your pool.

 Step 1 — Balance Your Water

Be sure to keep the water chemistry balanced the week before you plan to close your pool. The pH levels should range between 7.2 and 7.8, while the alkalinity should fall between 80 and 120 ppm and calcium hardness between 180-220 ppm. If your pool needs it, add shock and algaecide as well.

Step 2 — Clean Your Pool

After a week has passed, it’s time to give your pool a thorough cleaning. Vacuum and brush your pool’s walls with the filter set at the drain or waste position. This will aid in removing dirt and debris clinging to the walls or liner. Once that is complete, you can clean your pool’s skimmer baskets and pump’s hair trap.

Step 3 — Remove and Store Equipment

Remove your ladder or drop-in steps and give them a wash before storing them for the winter. Skimmer baskets and your solar blanket should also be stored once clean. If you have a slide or diving board, those should also get a good wash and, once dry, be wrapped for protection from snow and ice.

Step 4 — Drain Your Pool

Lowering the water level will prevent damage from freezing and overflow. If you have freezing rain or a mid-winter thaw, it’s wise to check the water level to ensure it’s not getting too high.

The precise drainage amount will be determined by the type of cover you use as well as the surface of your pool. Following the manufacturer’s instructions will ensure the water is able to support both the cover and any snow or ice on top of it.

Step 5 — Clean the Pump and Filter

Remove and wash your cartridge filter thoroughly. Once dry, it can be stored for the winter. Backwash the remaining filters, draining all water from the pump, filters and pool heater. The plugs can be stored with your skimmer basket.

Step 6 — Blow Out the Lines

This is an essential step for removing all water from your lines, pump and filter. Doing so protects them from freezing and ice damage. This can be a difficult process, so you may want to consider hiring an expert to handle this for you.

Step 7 — Install Cover

A winter cover will protect your pool from contaminants and keep your water balanced. Using pool cover weights will prevent the cover from sinking while a pool cover pump will rid it of water laying on top of it. To remove snow from its surface, stick to a broom as shovels can damage the cover.

Midnight Sun Pools n’ Spas

If closing your pool is a job you’d rather not tackle, we have you covered. Our technicians at Midnight Sun Pools n’ Spas can tackle any job from winterizing your pool to repairs to routine maintenance. As the premier provider of in-ground and above ground swimming pools in Minnesota, we provide pool covers, automatic pool cleaners, chemicals and a variety of other supplies to keep your pool in tip-top shape.


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