5 Ways to Decorate Your Gazebo Under $50


Gazebos and hot tubs make an ideal match. You can have a gazebo with a roof to help protect the spa from the elements or go with a beautiful pergola. Whichever you choose, the possibilities for decorating your gazebo are practically endless and include many options under $50.

It’s a great investment to decorate outdoor spaces because outdoor living becomes an even bigger draw than the luxury of a spa alone. Choose the best hot tub accessories and consider the following five ideas for decorating a gazebo at a cost of under $50.

1. Build Rail Planters

Plants are wonderful additions for gazebos. Build do-it-yourself planters along the upper rails on three sides and as frames to the opening. This is perfect for spaces built around hot tubs since the plants are at the right height to be enjoyed while claiming the benefits of a spa.

Choose plants that thrive in the region where you live. If you want to create more privacy, plant vines and add trellises.

2. Wind Chimes

It’s the seemingly little things that can make a big difference in any space, including gazebos. Add the music of wind chimes in a style of décor you like. There are many unique wind chimes, though the price tends to go up, the more unique they are.

The following are among the beautiful options for wind chimes under $50:

  • Colorful sea glass wind chimes
  • Beach glass wind chimes hanging from small pieces of driftwood
  • Hollow aluminum tube wind chimes in a wide range of styles
  • Art and artifact wind chimes

3. Hanging Planters

If you have a green thumb, hanging planters can make a stunning addition to a gazebo. Whether flowers are red, violet, white, pink, or another shade, choose blooms that accentuate the gazebo’s color and best features. You can plant flowers that attract hummingbirds or butterflies. The following are two among the best flowers for hanging baskets:

  • The Black Eye Susan Vine or Thunbergia Alata is one of the rare vines that has the ideal combination of restraint and exuberance for a planter. The vines spill over the side in a generous showing of white and gold flowers and climb up the hanging basket’s chains.
  • Fuchsia plants are gorgeous, and they happen to thrive in the shade. Look for a fuchsia plant that has the best heat tolerance, so that you can enjoy the flowers’ beauty in summer. Jupiter, Astoria, and Surprise have the best heat tolerance. Prepare to apply routine fertilization, daily misting, and vigilant deadheading.

4. String Lights

The soft glow of string lights on a gazebo is beautiful and inviting. Providing a makeover that makes your outdoor space more irresistible can be as simple as hanging up strings of lights in the style you prefer.

Options include fairy lights that provide a magical twinkle, Edison-style bulbs that provide a vintage look, and mini-paper-lantern string lights.

5. Shrubs or Flowing Vines

Any way that you add plants is a good idea, including shrubs planted on the perimeter of the gazebo. When the greenery is planted in the ground, as opposed to in individual pots, upkeep is easier. Shrubbery is as fitting around a gazebo as hot tub accessories are in and around a spa.

Another beautiful option is to plant flowing, flowering vines along the corners of the gazebo and let them climb and flourish along the roof or top of the pergola.

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