5 Reasons You Need an Above-Ground Pool in Your Life



Looking for a fun way to exercise, relax, cool off, and spend time with family and friends?

An above-ground swimming pool might be for you! They provide all the benefits of a traditional in-ground pool but take up less space and are less expensive. If you’ve dreamed about diving into your own swimming pool after a sticky day in the office, but thought you had to be well-heeled to own one, then read on! In this article, we unveil five reasons why an above-ground swimming pool is right for you!


Who says you need to be a millionaire to own a pool?

You can install an above-ground swimming pool for as little as the cost of a family holiday. They require less installation, excavation, and supply and labor costs. Here at Midnight Sun Pools n’ Spas, we carry Swim n’ Play pools.

Swim n’ Play is one of the top manufacturers of above-ground swimming pools, decks, ladders, and accessories. We stock over 50 models, and our prices are yet to be beat! Check out our available Swim n’ Play pools for sale here.

Same Features

Although above-ground pools are smaller than the traditional in-ground ones, you can still experience many of the same features. In fact, they are now available with additional features such as slides, waterfalls, and fountains.

You can also create the look and feel of an in-ground model with elaborate decks, railings, and built-in stairs that will fool your neighbors into thinking you have an in-ground installation!

Easy to Install

One of the biggest benefits of owning an above-ground pool is that they’re easy to install. No need to spend time on construction or building, as these game-changing pools are flexible, portable and already feature an advanced built-in plumbing system. You can be swimming in a matter of hours, unless you want to add decking around it, in which case it may take an additional few days.


It takes more effort to jump into an above-ground pool than it does an in-ground one. It’s much less likely that your pet or child will accidentally fall in, as they would have to scale the side of the pool. Moreover, if you go with an above-ground pool with deck, you can add a fence with a door to the edge of the deck.

Safety has never looked so stylish!

Less Maintenance

Maintaining the quality of your backyard swimming pool is easier than ever, thanks to modern technology and advanced materials. The benefits of cooling off in the summer and watching your friends and family have a good time will definitely make it even better. A smaller above-ground pool requires less water to maintain, meaning you’ll need less power to pump the water and less chemicals to kill the bacteria.

So, there you have it! Five incredible reasons why you need an above-ground swimming pool in your life! We have an extensive range of above-ground swimming pools and in-ground swimming pools available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. When you’re ready to splash out, give us a call at 1-888 332 8518 or fill out the information request form by clicking the tab at the bottom of your screen!


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