Why You Need a Covana Hot Tub Cover in Your Life?


why you need covana hot tub cover in your life

Imagine how convenient an automated spa cover would be! With the amazing pace of technology and the overwhelming desire to make hot tub maintenance more user-friendly, the new era of easy applications has brought about the Covana hot tub cover.

The concept here is amazingly simple.  When closed, the Covana spa cover creates a watertight seal that will keep your heating costs down and offer a state-of-the-art level of protection. 

With the single press of a button and little more than 20 seconds, the Covana cover transforms into an elegant gazebo to offer the perfect blend of style and application. Keep reading to learn more about the top reasons why you may need a Covana hot tub cover in your life!

1. Vapor Barrier

The most notable application of the Covana cover is the water-tight seal it boasts when it is utilized.  When not in use, simply press a button and the cover will lower down over your hot tub.  The days of manually putting a heavy, bulky cover on your spa are over! This cover will keep access limited to outsiders, as well as keep those things that can harm your hot tub out!

2. UV Ray Protection

Those dreaded UV rays that the summertime sun sends down to us can do much more harm over time than what meets the eye.  From a personal standpoint, these UV rays can cause serious health issues with prolonged exposure.  That in itself is a reason for the ever-present popularity of gazebos.  Any sort of shield from direct UV exposure is always a good thing.

UV rays can also damage your hot tub.  The colors that were once so bright when it was initially installed can begin to fade over time. Hot tub accessories such as lights can become faded too, resulting in an ugly external appearance and a weak internal performance. 

Keeping direct UV rays off your hot tub, and yourself for that matter, are strong reasons to put a gazebo over your spa.

3. Shield from Debris

Anyone who has a hot tub knows just how annoying applying the cover can be.  Even the best hot tub covers can be a nuisance under the right conditions.  Without a cover, however, your hot tub is susceptible to debris and all of nature’s wonderful surprises from above.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cover that you didn’t have to take off and put on with each session? While a gazebo won’t be the ‘end all and be all’ of hot tub protection, it will provide a valuable cover from overhead debris.  Leaves can be especially troublesome if they find the tender areas of your hot tub.

4. Set the Mood

The Covana cover is much more than just a security and maintenance measure.  In just 20 seconds, your cover can be transformed into a beautiful, technologically advanced gazebo. 

This provides not only the valuable privacy that spa users seek but also the opportunity to set the perfect mood every time.  With lighted backdrops and spacious features, the Covana cover gives your spa an elegance that is unmatched on the market today.

Hot Tub Covers for Sale in Minnesota

If you are looking to save your back and enhance your experience, the Covana spa cover is the perfect option for you! With the state-of-the-art technology that the Covana cover utilizes, the condition of your spa and hot tub experience will be infinitely enhanced!

Come down to Midnight Sun Pools and Spas today to add this AMAZING cover to your setup.  This is easily one of the best purchases that you can make!


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