The Best Gift Ideas for Pool and Spa Owners



Choosing the right gift can be challenging. If your friends or family members already have a pool or a spa, you might think, “what to get the person who has everything?” Fortunately, there are lots of great accessories to enhance their backyard lifestyle.

Here is a list of the best gift ideas for pool and spa owners. Choose the right one, and you’ll get invited back time and again.

Floating Pool Lights

Floating pool lights are an excellent addition to any pool. These LED balls are simple to inflate and look amazing at night. But they are not just night-time ornaments; you can use them as light inflatable balls and toss them around the pool.

Perhaps the best part is that they are 100% solar powered. No batteries or recharging is necessary, so you don’t have to worry about them going out and spoiling your chilled poolside ambiance.

Tub Thermometers

Thermometers are a big part of hot tub maintenance. If you have younger or older guests in a hot tub, you need to ensure the temperatures don’t get too hot. While many spas come with an inbuilt thermostat, some don’t.

If you have a friend who doesn’t have a built-in temperature gauge, a tub thermometer is one of the best gifts you can give them. There are a wide variety of floating thermometers available. Some are slick and sophisticated, while other floating thermometers look like toys.

Waterproof Playing Cards & Floating Table

Card games are an excellent activity for all the family, but so is lounging around in a pool or a spa. What if you could somehow combine them both? Thanks to waterproof playing cards, it’s entirely possible.

Waterproof cards are made from PVC and are a great, long-lasting, and durable option for pool and spa owners who like to play card games of any kind. Of course, if you want to get serious, you could also throw in a lovely floating table and make this the ultimate gift.

Shatterproof Cups and Glasses

“No glass” is one of the most important rules to follow if you have a pool or a spa. Broken glass can cause cuts or even damage the filter. However, if you want to have a relaxing drink or some food while you’re in the water, there are some excellent choices.

Cups come in all types, from basic children’s beakers to glamour wine or whiskey glasses. Platewear also makes a great gift, so your friends can enjoy a nice plate of BBQ while benefiting from a swim or a soak.

Personalized Towels

If you’re looking for a unique pool or spa-related present, look no further than a personalized set of towels. You can have them stylishly embroidered with just their initials, or you can go all out and include a funny or meaningful message.

Personalized towels are a nice touch for any pool or spa owner.

Floating Snack Bar

If you’ve got a loved one who likes a little snack when they’re taking a dip, a floating snack bar could make a great gift. These cool inventions can be filled up with any food of your choice, while some of them even have drink holders.

Towel Bar

Most of us don’t have a servant to hand us a towel when we’re getting out of a hot tub. Fortunately, the next best thing is entirely within reach. Spa owners can install a towel bar onto the side of their tub, so they can dry off easily without taking a towel off the floor or a nearby chair.

While attached towel bars are a good choice, other options to consider are a wall-mounted rack that can be put up close by.

Floating Loungers

Swimming around a pool is obviously a lot of fun. But when the sun is out, and you want to relax, a floating lounger is a great choice. There is a huge range of options, like simple recliners or supported chairs. Additionally, you could go for something more adventurous like something that looks like a yacht or even a car!

For kids, there are endless possibilities. Some floating loungers look like fruit, while others look like flamingos or unicorns.

Floating Bluetooth Speakers

If your pool or spa-loving friend also loves music, a floating Bluetooth speaker could make an incredible gift. Some more advanced spa systems come with speakers installed, but for any that don’t, they can keep the party going with this terrific accessory.

While some people might worry about having electricity in the water, it’s not a problem because these speakers are waterproof, rainproof, and splashproof. Many of the better options come with cool lights that will really add to the pool or spa owner’s ambiance.

They look and sound great, and they’re the perfect addition to any pool party.

Outdoor Shower

Before entering and exiting a pool, it’s recommended that you take a shower. This process helps keep the filter clean and reduces bacteria in the water. Additionally, after using a pool or a hot tub, it’s a good idea to shower away any chemicals that might be on your skin.

To save your friends having to stroll through the house to get to their shower, a freestanding outdoor shower can make an ideal solution.

These showers come in with a variety of options. Some can be hooked up to a hose, while others can be plumbed straight from the mains. Additionally, more advanced models come with a surrounding cabinet so you can shower in privacy.


For the ultimate rest and relaxation experience, why not give your friend a hot tub headrest. Hot tub interiors are generally hard so that they can survive the wear and tear or people getting in and out. Unfortunately, they can be a little annoying to rest your head against.

A hot tub headrest makes a great gift. They come built with comfortable waterproof material that clips onto the side of the tub.

Submersible Seats

Submersible seats are an excellent choice for kids or anyone who finds the hard surfaces of a spa too uncomfortable. These waterproof seats work something like chair cushions to provide a relaxing soak.

LED Bottle Chiller

An LED bottle chiller is a sleek, refined gift for any pool or hot tub. If your pool or hot tub-owning friends like to host guests or have a romantic evening in, an LED bottle chiller is a great way to keep a bottle of champagne or other cold drinks at a perfect temperature.

LED bottle chillers don’t just keep drinks cool — they also look great. Some of the better models are solar-powered and have decorative lights that contribute to a slick poolside atmosphere.

Chlorine & Chemicals Kit

Pools and hot tubs need a lot of upkeep. Bacteria can quickly grow in water that is not kept clean or at appropriate ph levels. As a result, pool and spa owners need to employ a wide range of chemicals in their water.

Chlorine or other pool chemicals are a great idea for a friend or family member who loves a practical gift. There are lots of different packs or even individual bottles that you can get.

Solar-Powered Chargers

Relaxing in the sun, taking photos, playing music, and taking a few snaps of your fun day is sure to drain your battery. But one solution is a waterproof charger.

Waterproof chargers are available in several different forms. Some of them come as poolside tables; others look like a parasol or a sun umbrella. The best part is that they’re powered by solar, which means your friends or family won’t have to worry about running cables out to their pool or hot tub.

Microfiber Towels

A typical towel can get a bit worn by the end of a summer of frequent use. Chlorine and hot summer sun can leave them frayed and tired-looking. Enter the microfiber towel. They’re quick drying and lovely against the skin and made from materials that can stand up to frequent wash, sun, and chlorine.

They come individually or in packs large enough for the family. Additionally, you can choose from a wide variety of colors.

Pool Games

You might find it hard to believe, but there are ways to make a day at the pool even more fun with pool games. There are lots of different sports or activities accessories that you can buy as the perfect pool gift. Some of these waterproof gifts include golf, basketball, and even table tennis.

Or, if you want something a little more restrained (and a little less splashy), there are Uno and chess sets that will also float in the water.

Inflatable Movie Screen

An inflatable movie screen won’t come cheap. So you’ll really need to love the people you are gifting it to. These screens blow up quickly and display a movie on both sides. They’re an excellent choice for sitting back and having a pool movie night.

The smallest screens are about 12″, but they go up to around 30″. Powered by screencasting or Bluetooth, these screens are a seriously high-tech addition to any pool.

Customized Pool Sign

A customized pool sign is a great way to personalize a backyard space. These signs can have the owner’s name or family name on them. Additionally, they can have more general messages or even a list of rules.

Whatever it is, a customized pool sign makes a great and unique gift for friends or loved ones.

LED Cube Chair

LED cube chairs cost more than $100 each. Additionally, you can’t get the full effect with just one, so you’ll need a few. But if you’re shopping for the pool owner who already has everything, this might be the ace up your sleeve.

LED cube chairs are practical but also really stylish. They’ll turn any backyard into a sophisticated and nicely lit environment. With a choice of 16 different colors and a battery life of 10-12 hours, your friends and family will never stop thanking you for classing up their backyard.

Magic Pool Fountain

If you want to turn your friend’s backyard space into something like the Bellagio fountain, look no further than this multi-colored LED bulb. This spectacular gift is powered by your pool jet and doesn’t require batteries or electricity.

Magic pool fountains bulbs last for around 2000 hours. They are made from durable plastic, and they’ll look excellent day or night as they shoot streams of water above your pool.

Wall-Mounted Storage Shelf

Pools and hot tubs require a bit of upkeep, which means that a wall-mounted storage shelf is a great solution for storing the various tools, bottles, and toys that a responsible owner uses to keep their pool in great shape all year round.

There’s space for a leaf net, life vets, vacuum hose, and various chemicals. This gift can be mounted in a garage or on a nearby wall, meaning all the accessories are easy to access and tidied away in a tidy space.

Finding the Best Gifts This Holiday Season

If you’re looking for a gift for the holidays, a birthday, or even if you’re just being nice, getting someone a gift for their pool or spa is a lovely idea. There are lots of things to choose from, no matter what your budget.

If you don’t want to spend too much, a pack of waterproof cards will still provide endless hours of enjoyment. However, if it’s a special occasion and you want to make a statement, consider Bluetooth speakers or an inflatable TV.

Many of the gifts that use a battery are solar-powered, making them ideal for outdoor spaces that catch lots of sun. The first rule of gift buying is to make sure it’s something practical that the person will use. If you’re looking out for a present for someone with a pool, choose an item on the list, and you’ll be sure to be number one on the list for their next pool or hot tub party.


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