Semi In-Ground Pools

Elevate your home’s outdoor experience with the remarkable Stealth Semi-In Ground Pool—an enticing solution for homeowners seeking a captivating view beyond the standard above-ground pool. Imagine the joy of transforming your backyard into a haven of aesthetic delight without the hefty price tag associated with in-ground pools.

The Stealth Semi-In Ground Pool not only opens up possibilities but does so with elegance. Whether partially nestled or nearly fully submerged, this pool adapts effortlessly to sloped terrains. A touch of creative decking or stonework is all it takes to blend seamlessly, turning your pool into a radiant centerpiece that enhances your outdoor space with unparalleled charm.

Stealth Pools installations in our climate are exceptional! We use steel and concrete as the core materials which are time tested and proven for our harsh freeze thaw conditions. Combined with a beautiful blue entry and exit step system you will be getting the look and quality of a high end pool at a fraction of the price. Our customers love the “sweat equity” process of the Stealth pool. Reach out today for our guidelines that detail the process.

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What to Expect With Your New Stealth Swimming Pool

With the purchase of a Stealth Pool, there are stages of the construction that are completely up to you. We call this “Sweat Equity”.

You will create value in your backyard, while keeping your cost of pool construction low. This process creates a pool for you, built with steel and concrete for our Minnesota weather, at a fraction of the typical In-Ground Pool Builder price! You will need to either acknowledge you have read and understood these expectations for your new pool by email to your Midnight Sun contact or just simply print, sign and return to your location of choice.

Why Buy a Stealth Pool?


Strong & Durable Steel Frame

Stealth Pools are made in the USA and constructed using steel that is resistant to impact, chemicals and UV rays. They are able to withstand high pressure and come with a limited lifetime warranty.


Budget-Friendly Option

Exclusive to a limited number of dealers only, the Stealth Pools can help to achieve the look of an in-ground pool, but for a price much closer to that of an above-ground pool. It’s a win-win!


Quick Installation Time

Did you know that semi-in-ground pools can be installed in as little as a few days? Not to mention, all without tearing up your backyard!


Versatile Installation

You can have any type of paneling or decking around a Stealth Semi-in-Ground Pool, from wood decking to poured concrete.

In-Ground Pools

In-Ground Pools

We have dedicated our professional lives to helping homeowners in and around our community enjoy the highest-quality swimming pools in the industry. With help from our team of backyard specialists, there’s never any room for compromise on quality. Our in-ground pools are constructed under strict supervision, resulting in a high-quality product.


Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are a popular choice for homeowners looking for a durable and low-maintenance swimming pool option. These pools are constructed from fiberglass-reinforced composite materials, making them resistant to cracks, algae and staining. They are also known for their smooth, non-abrasive surface, which is gentle on the skin, making them a comfortable and attractive choice for many pool enthusiasts.


Custom Pools

Custom pool installations offer homeowners the opportunity to create a unique swimming pools that is tailored to their specific preferences and needs. These projects involve working with our team of pool builders to customize the shape, size, features, and materials, resulting in a one-of-a-kind aquatic oasis. From luxurious water features and lightning, custom pools allow homeowners to transform their outdoor space into stunning retreats. 
We specialize in rectangle swimming pools that utilize a hidden automatic pool cover system. Sun decks, custom steps, benches and swim outs are all designed in house by our team to meet your specific requests.


Above-Ground Pools

Midnight Sun Pools n’ Spas carries only the highest quality 24′ round Cape Cod Hybrid Pool System. Combined with a heavy duty American made liner, 22″ sand filter system with a heavy duty pump and a high quality “A” frame ladder system for easy entry and exiting of the swimming pool we know you will be happy for years to come with this winning combination!

We have taken it upon ourselves to outfit all of our above-ground pools with supreme Waterway skimmers and return fittings, as well as an upgraded pump and sand filter system – in an attractive tan color to match perfectly with any backyard! We make it our mission to provide our customers with exceptional pool hoses, as all of our equipment configurations utilize aggressive PVC high-pressure fittings plumbed the same way our high-end in-ground pools are.

Not only do we stock 50+ pools, but our prices are also yet to be beaten! We deliver state-wide – Call us today at 1-888-332-8518 or fill out the information request form by clicking on the tab at the bottom of your screen!

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What to Expect With Your New Above-Ground Pool

We have built a exceptional installation guide for your new 24′ round Cape Cod Swimming Pool. This guide will help you with the process of installing your pool, and as always technical support is a phone call or a text away as well as in-store support and guidance!

Cape Cod 24' Round

ONLY $5999.99*!

The 24′ round Cape Cod 54” Swimming Pool is an Aluminum Wall – All Resin Frame – It comes with the Carneige heavy-duty liner!

Comes with the Ultimate Package!

 *Call for 2024 incentive package pricing on all stock pools – certain discounts may apply!

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