In-Ground Pool Resources


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This shows our automatic pool cover box. You will notice the removable aluminum concrete forms to the left, and you will install wood forms inside our wood automatic pool cover box. Both these forms will need to be removed just after the concrete is poured when the time is correct depending on conditions. We will install the aluminum forms, but you will remove them – please clean them and keep our components together as we provide these as a service for the homeowner to get a beautiful concrete coping vs. an aluminum coping edge. You will also notice the back of the pool cover box is dug out in a “footing fashion”. We have installed eyebolts as well to serve as anchors into your concrete. This is to keep the powerful pool cover motor from twisting the pool cover box.

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Notice the backfill material is under the pool wall. This is so you can maneuver your concrete under and over the top of the pool wall to create a “bond beam”. This will help lock in the wall along with the wall serving as added support for your deck. Also, this picture shows the forms prior to concrete. Please spray the forms with oil / liquid release prior to concrete going down. This will help you greatly with removal.

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Just a reference picture, these were taken during the electrical inspection process, which happens after you have formed and set your rebar but before you pour.

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Care is taken to not push in our steel pool wall during the concrete process. This picture shows the inside edge forms in place just prior to being stripped.

The forms have just been stripped and the finisher is smoothing the edge. Prior to stripping the forms, they tapped and vibrated to push the rock back and bring mud out so that no ugly rocks or craters are on the edge. These installers carefully removed our forms, cleaned them and were rewarded with chicken wings and beer by us.