How a Spa Can Help Ease Headache Pain – 4 Ways



From tension, stress and sinus headaches to migraines, headaches come in many forms and intensities. Whether you suffer with this type of discomfort regularly or occasionally, there is a natural and effective way to relieve your pain: your hot tub.

Let’s take a look at how your spa can help you manage your symptoms.

1. Tension Headaches

Symptoms: Mild to moderate pain from the neck to the forehead.

If you suffer from tight muscles in your neck and shoulders, this can cause occasional or even chronic headaches. One of the best remedies for a tension headache is your hot tub. That’s because, unlike popping a pill, the heat and massage offered by your spa fight the source of headaches rather than covering up the pain. 

Simply position the jets so they are pointed at muscle knots or any sore or tender parts of your shoulders and neck, then allow them to work their magic. As your muscles loosen, your headache will ease.

The regular use of a hot tub can help to ease muscle tension throughout your body. The more often you soak, the less likely it is for you to carry muscle tension throughout your body. In turn, this can help to reduce the pain and frequency of tension headaches in the future.

2. Stress Headaches

Symptoms: Pain runs from the neck to top of skull.

Although similar to a tension headache, it’s possible to have a headache brought on by stress, without any major muscle tension. Stress headaches bring pain that spreads across the entire head and can vary in intensity.

According to the Mayo Clinic, two of the best ways to ease a stress headache are heat and massage. That’s where your spa comes in. Not only does it offer heat and massage together, it’s impossible to stay tense and stressed while soaking in its heated depths.

The combination of this power duo not only helps your body to relax, but stimulates your body’s production of endorphins. These feel-good chemicals produced by the brain offer a natural high that reduces stress, anxiety and pain.

3. Sinus Headaches

Symptoms: Causes pain or discomfort around the eyes, nose and head.

Nothing is better for a sinus headache than some heat therapy. The steam generated by your spa can lessen congestion in your nasal cavity, alleviating sinus pressure. If you really want to kick it up a notch, take advantage of your hot tub’s aromatherapy technology. Eucalyptus and peppermint are both effective scents for loosening your sinuses, and ridding your body of mucus and phlegm. Other good choices are tea tree, oregano, lavender or rosemary.

4. Migraines

Symptoms: Intense pain, typically on one side of the head, that can also cause visual disturbances and nausea.

Did you know one of the biggest triggers for migraines is stress? To combat stress and ease your discomfort, it’s time to hit the hot tub. Not only does the heat and massage of your spa help to relieve stress and help you relax, but it can also ease tense muscles that contribute to your pain.

If you feel a migraine coming on, heading to your hot tub can help ward it off. Your spa can trigger relaxation of the autonomic nervous system, helping ease this type of severe, nerve-based headache.

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