How a Hot Tub Can Help to Ease Aches & Pains



If you’re looking for a natural way to ease pain and discomfort, look no further than your hot tub. While most people associate hot tubs with relaxation and relief for stress and tense muscles, your spa actually provides you with far more benefits.

Hydrotherapy, an age-old practice of using water immersion for pain relief, is a well-documented way to deal with aches and pains.

The Benefits of Regular Hydrotherapy

When you’re relaxing in your spa, the heat of the water increases blood flow to injured muscles and joints. That increase can relieve muscle tightness, reduce swelling and inflammation and improve flexibility.

It has also been found that the pain relief offered by hot tub therapy stretches beyond the actual period of water immersion.

Who Can Benefit From Hydrotherapy?


1. Chronic Back Pain

If your back pain is limiting your range of motion, your spa can help with that. As the heated water warms your muscles, they gain added flexibility, allowing you to stretch and ease tightness.

2. Arthritis or Fibromyalgia

The water in your spa will reduce the force of gravity that compresses your joints while the buoyancy of the water supports sore limbs. The heat and massage increase blood flow throughout the body and this eases tension while diminishing swelling and inflammation.

3. Injuries  

An injury can throw off the harmony of your body’s movements. Often, your muscles and joints are forced to work harder to compensate for the injury and this can cause pain, tension and strain in other areas. Almost any type of injury can benefit from soaking in your spa because it can ease spasms and decrease swelling and inflammation.

4. Sore Muscles and Tension

If you suffer from sore or tense muscles, daily soaks in your spa can really help. The jet massage acts as your own private masseuse, targeting trigger points and tense areas to relieve soreness and help your body relax.

The Importance of Water Exercise

No matter what type of pain you suffer from, aquatic exercise can help. By exercising in your hot tub, you can take advantage of the added buoyancy the water lends your limbs.

You’ll be able to move more freely and without any impact on your joints giving you the ability to do more than you would normally be capable of on dry land. Try yoga, toning exercising, stretches or a combination of all three. Be sure to start off slowly and build on your moves as you gain strength.

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